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  1. Meredith Eagle schreef:

    ATT: / Geofix Intermediair WEB SITE SERVICES
    This notification RUNS OUT ON: Oct 23, 2020

    We have not obtained a settlement from you.
    We’ve attempted to contact you but were not able to contact you.

    Kindly See: .

    For information and to process a optional settlement for services.


  2. Buddy Darrell schreef:

    Your domain name:

    NOTICE OF TERMINATION of the following

    Geofix Intermediair

    This announcement EXPIRES ON: Nov 21, 2020!

    We have actually not gotten a settlement from you.
    We’ve tried to call you but were not able to reach you.

    Please Go To:

    For info as well as to make a discretionary payment for solutions.


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